Cool Start-up: GoldieBlox

Did you know that of the engineers world wide, only 14% are female? Even though I had no idea that was the number, I certainly saw this first hand when I went to the University of Waterloo- which has one of the strongest engineering programs in the country. However, I have always wondered, why are more girls not interested in technical careers and studies? It would be extremely beneficial for companies to have more female engineers in order to improve diversity on engineering teams, but the truth is that there simply aren’t enough females that are interested in engineering. However, today, I stumbled upon GoldieBlox, whose mission is simple:

“We’re a toy company out to inspire the next generation of female engineers.”

They use toys to help girls develop the skills and way of thinking required to succeed as engineers. They ALSO have an app that features Goldie- the girl inventor who loves to build. Absolutely brilliant. These are exactly the types of products that our children should be engaging in and teaching values of brains and not only beauty to our future female leaders.

Check them out here:


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